How much does it cost to move or lift your home?

  • Moving and lifting have many variables, i.e. size of building, age of building, distance to be moved etc. It is best to contact us for a FREE estimate.

Does moving a house result in any damage?

  • No. There is no significant damage to the house. Minor cracks may occur depending upon the amount of settlement that has occurred in your old foundation.

How much does it cost to raise or lower overhead lines i.e. electric, cable, telephone, traffic signals?

  • Every utility company has their own method of pricing, so the homeowner needs to contact each one individually to determine the cost.

What are the homeowner’s responsibilities?

  • Disconnection of all utilities and having the basement/crawl space area cleaned out

Do utilities need to be disconnected prior to moving or lifting?

  • Yes, they must be disconnected prior to beginning the work.